Fast grocery delivery
from 15 minutes
Delivery from 15 minutes
Whether you're looking for the freshest meat, fruits, and produce or special goodies, our fast delivery makes it simple to fill your fridge in a flash!
Product Prices
All our products are the same price as your favourite grocery shop.
Delivery Team
Our delivery team is punctual, neat and tidy and is always happy to serve you
Eco Delivery
Our delivery vehicles are eco-friendly and consist of electric bicycles and scooters.
Free Delivery
No matter the order amount, our delivery fee is always free.
We’re able to deliver so quickly, because we have warehouses in the most strategic locations in the city and couriers equipped with fast and safe transport.

We only stock the most popular products and essentials, which helps us save time and deliver faster.
Why is it so fast?
Yalla Mart lets you order groceries and other essentials for home delivery.

— Running late for work and don't have time to go to the shops? Yalla it!
— Just got home and the fridge is empty? Yalla it!
— Too hot & humid outside? Stay in and Yalla it!
— Want to watch football rather than waste time shopping? Yalla it!
— Missing a key ingredient for your dinner? Yalla it!
Why do you need Yalla?
You can order any amount of products, from one apple to a set of products for the whole week. There are no minimum or maximum order amounts.
How much can I order?
We deliver your order in 15-45 minutes from our warehouse to your place. You don't need to go anywhere.
How does the delivery work?
All products cost exactly the same as on the shelf in the store. You can pay for purchases directly online when ordering or upon receipt.
What is the price?
Are the products fresh?
All products are delivered in sturdy thermo bags, so nothing wrinkles, breaks, or spoils.