Yalla Mart

Yalla Mart is an online grocery store in your mobile phone.

- everyday groceries
- 15 minutes delivery

Find out how to get AED 70 discount for your first order.

Get a discount
Yalla Mart, a new, direct-to-consumer, grocery delivery service with a unique 15 minutes delivery time, will launch at the end of May 2021. We’d love to hear your opinion to make sure we launch the best service possible. Answer the following six quick questions and we’ll give you AED 70 off your first order with Yalla Mart:
Step 1
Fill out the survey – six short questions about your grocery shopping and cooking habits.
Step 2
Leave your contact details and let us know if we can call you in case we’d like to ask you additional questions or get more information about your answers. If you don’t like us to call you, simply say so.
Step 3
As soon as Yalla Mart has launched, we’ll notify you. You’ll simply install the Yalla Mart app on your phone, sign-up with the same email address you used to complete this survey, and you’ll immediately receive AED 70 discount on your first order.

Download the Yalla Mart app in the App Store and Google Play!
How does it work?
Any Yalla Mart user can order groceries with home delivery. In several districts of the city, the store has warehouses that store popular products. The location of the warehouses allows you to deliver products in 15 minutes.
Are the products fresh?
Yes, we guarantee the freshness and quality of our products. Storekeepers work in the warehouses, who monitor the quality.
How much do the products cost?
The price of the products does not differ from the prices in the shops near the house.
Delivery cost
Delivery is free.